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Who We Are

The McMaster Engineering & Management Society (MEMS) is run by an executive of elected students who represent its members – students of the Engineering & Management program.

We host a number of exciting event and activities for students in E&M. Our events range in the genre of professional development, networking, career and skill development, and of course we can't forget social!

We look forward to meeting you at all of our events! Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, concerns or feedback. Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to get involved with the society.

Meet The Team

MEMS is run by a dynamic group of students from varying engineering backgrounds.

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“I joined MEMS to be able to act as a liaison between E&M students and the faculty. Ever since I received help from an upper year student in the program, I wanted to help people enjoy the program and give back.”

Tawana Mphusu

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“I joined MEMS because I wanted to help foster a better community feeling in the management faculty, and to to be a voice for the management faculty on the MES!”

Alexie McDonald

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“I joined MEMS because I wanted to help in guiding other Engineering and Management students to the great opportunities the program has to offer. The Engineering and Management program is one of a kind, and thus comes with unique benefits that we, as E&M students, should take advantage of.”

Bilal Sabeh

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“I joined MEMS because I want to help build a stronger community between Engineering and Management students. We are in a very fortunate position to be able to meet and connect with people across all streams of engineering and we should be taking advantage of that.”

Vijay Patel

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“I joined MEMS because I wanted to promote and inform other management students what the stream has to offer and why it is so special. E&M is made up of students from various streams, allowing us to meet and make connections with people that are not within our respective streams. This provides ample opportunities for personal and professional development that will be applicable in the future. ”

Edwin Do

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“Being a part of MEMS for the past four years has been more than rewarding. As the president of a student run team, with all the different engineering streams together, I have been able to grasp a better understanding of the overall picture of management and what the program can do for the students in it. I encourage all management students to get involved with MEMS in some capacity!””

Christie Condron

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Christie Condron

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Vijay Patel

VP Internal
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Bilal Sabeh

VP Marketing
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Andrew Habib

VP External
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Alexie McDonald

MES Liaison

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Why Management

The B.Eng.Mgmt at McMaster is the only one of its kind in Canada. It has proven to be a wonderful additional year of regular engineering studies in order to get a better understanding of business and to develop your leadership skills and experience. Not only do you complete all courses for an undergraduate engineering degree, you also will complete all mandatory courses for a bachelors commerce degree. On top of that, you will take 3 unique Engineering & Management core courses, one of which will be a full industry partner capstone.

Students who are interested to being admitted apply to the program in the spring at the end of the Engineering 1 program in their first year. The program often has a highly competitive entrance average, as under 140 students are admitted to the program each year.

All students who complete Engineering 1 are entitled to apply for the Engineering & Management program through their account on Mosaic. Unfortunately, iBiomed (including Chem Bio. and Elec Bio.), Computer Science, and Bachelor of Technology students are not qualified to apply. To be considered, students must also have completed Economics 1B03 (Microeconomics) as one of their complementary electives with a minimum grade of 5.0 (63%). An interview may also be required to assess a student’s qualifications for the program.

With the degree, there are several perks including:

  • Qualifying for an accelerated MBA
  • Starting salary premium after graduation
  • Prepare for roles in project management and corporate leadership
  • More rapid progression to senior management positions
  • Higher rates of employment after graduation

Students admitted into the program will be required to take the following courses on top of their full engineering courseload:

Course IDCourse Name
ECON 1B03 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON 1BB3 Introductory Macroeconomics
COMMERCE 1AA3 Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMMERCE 1BA3 Organizational Behaviour
COMMERCE 2AB3 Managerial Accounting I
COMMERCE 2BC3 Human Resource Management & Labour Relations
COMMERCE 2FA3 Introduction to Finance
COMMERCE 2MA3 Introduction to Marketing
COMMERCE 3FA3 Managerial Finance
COMMERCE 3MC3 Applied Marketing Management
COMMERCE 4PA3 Business Policy: Strategic Management
COMMERCE 4QA3 Operations Modelling & Analysis
ENGNMGT 2AA2 Communication Skills
ENGNMGT 4A03 Innovation Driven Project Development & Management
ENGNMGT 5B03 Engineering & Management Projects


Information about upcoming events will be posted on Facebook

Upcoming Events

Meet The Profs


A great opportunity to meet and talk to Commerce and Management Professors outside of class. Enjoy appetizers and drinks while meeting other students in the management degree and your current/future professors.

Boston Pizza Social

September - October

Free Pizza + Socializing with management students = FUN TIME. Come drop by Boston Pizza to relax and destress with management students. The best part – all you can eat pizza for FREE!

Alumni Night

January - February

NEW! Spend an evening with Engineering & Management Alumni to hear about their experiences and futures with the program! Included with this night is a great chance to network, a full course meal, and wonderful key note speakers to understand that the opportunities are endless with the degree.

MEMS & ESSA Collab.

February - March

Want to socialize with society students? This is the event for you! Every year MEMS and the Engineering Society Students’ Association (ESSA) put on a collaborative event. Trivia, Laser Tag, Bowling? You name it. Keep up with MEMS social media outlets to find out more.

Company Info. Sessions

Throughout the Year

What is your calling? Where should you apply? What is your style for company culture? MEMS wants to help you find out! Throughout the year, the society offers information sessions and distressers with company partners. Stay tuned for who our partners are this year.

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